What we do

Software development

Having a long track record of developing products for our own businesses, we tend to focus on business objectives and real-life balance between technical excellence and financial sustainability. Approach we take towards our clients' software development, includes:

  • Business analysis: we try to figure out where, how exactly, and with which features our target software is intented to be used
  • Technological analysis: which technologies are most appropriate to resolve business tasks
  • Planning and estimating: planning a sequence of milestones which reflect business needs and allow to monitor project's progress up to date.
  • Development: we like to think of our development process much like Navy SEALs think about important things in their business - we code, communicate and move (along the specification). There's not much of any fancy agile ideology - we just get things done, fast and smooth.
  • Deployment and integration: real-world projects require engineering assistance till the very last moment. A qualified team of system administrators will assist in migration, adaptation and further integration of created products into customer's infrastructure.


Our engineers are available for number of outsourcing activities, which require specific compenteces in:

  • Compliance engineering in security standards.
  • Inventing and implementing network security and general network engineering processes and toolchains.
  • Re-engineering existing production environments to migrate / scale without disruption.
  • General system administration / computer engineering work.


We can provide meaningful insight into:

  • current state of your security perimeter and network infrastructure
  • efficiency and realism of your security policies, their actual implementation and compliance.

Some of our best engineers and team leaders have been trained in traditional ISO audit practices (9000 / 27000) to provide unbiased and useful methodology on top of high-class niche competences.

Through the years, we've assessed and evaluated a wide scope of technological solutions: from payment processing system firewalls to decision chain software in retai lending of international banking facilities. We had to develop a very wide and adaptive skillset - a combination of careful planning, setting right objectives, finding the right methods of evaluations and probes, applying necessary expertise to gather the data and analyze it and provide understandable results.