Large scale data processing

Modern businesses generate and consume large volumes of operational data.

Ability to use it efficiently, extract necessary statistics in semi-realtime and being capable of utilizing it automatically is a competitive advantage that is becoming more and more common in business planning.

Essential prerequisites of capitalizing on Big Data are:

  • Managing flows of these data
  • Accumulating and storing them efficiently
  • Proving instruments for analysis, reporting and statistics
  • Finding simple ways to visualize and manipulate it

Over last years we've implemented numerous projects with hundreds gigabytes of daily throughput, providing real-time insight to loan application processing, machine-learned fraud prevention and monitoring, trend extraction for mass-media signals and others.

Data acquisition software

Data gathering and acquisition is a sensitive process, which requires:

  • gathering and transforming data from legacy warehouses
  • crawling and acquiring data from public sources
  • creating data input facilities for real-world processes
  • creating seamless human input / human validation processes
  • orchestrating these inputs into technically stable and steady streams of data
  • providing technical validation and tracking

... to finally enable the data to be used in large-scale processes, where every bit of organized data should be 'at hand' to benefit from it.

Transcripting TV news, semantic analysis of news articles, continuous social network monitoring, automation of weather forecast validation and correlation to medical records of patients - these are some of the activities where we've had a change to polish our skills in facilitating huge processes to consume information in comfortable manner.

Decision support systems

During business developement organizations frequently stumble upon situations, where decision making becomes a standardized pipeline, requiring:

  • optimal accessibility of data and resources across vast infrastructure and outside of it
  • proper preparation of data and managing it's storage with consumer processes in mind
  • predictability, availability and service levels according to business demands
  • efficient analystical instruments, manipulating real-time updated data
  • efficient teamwork of hundreds and thousands of operators spanning across countries, numerous layers of access and responsibility

Having a long-term experience in resolving such tasks in financial industry allowed our company to gain unique experience and insight, enabling a very optimal routes of resolving these large-scale missions. In the end, it's all about balancing speed, price and quality.

Software as a service

Through our history, we've brought up nearly dozen software products as SaaS services. Software-as-a-service allows to cut infrastructure costs and service personnel salaries and focus on what's important: doing business with efficient, constantly evolving software behind your back. In modern day, you can barely imagine large businesses functioning without delegating and outsourcing processes to software through SaaS.

Providing SaaS experience in consumer loan risk management for banking institutions, we've grown a wide area of competences, which could be used for your businesses.