Who we are

Who we are

At Secure Technologies, we create technological solutions for real world problems. Such solutions can be a combination of software, network infrastructures and well set up business processes, involving both internally developed and third party instruments.

Almost a decade ago we started as computer security research and consulting firm. A subject of study soon became a subject of business and we started growing as software development company. Seeing rising demand for software as a service, we've grown into fully fledged service company, delivering mission critical services for financial market through satelline companies.

We develop products for robust manipulation and analysis of large arrays of complicated data for various businesses. Through the years, we've developed credit verification process and lending risk managent software, decision support systems for governmental entities, instruments for mass media monitoring and analysis, healthcare products for our clients and partners.

Our services are best applied to problems in fields of:

  • business process automation with vast variety of users, roles and tasks
  • large scale automated and semi-automated data processing with diverse set of sources and technologies
  • real time data analysis and process scaling: moving from theoretical proofs to real working infrastructures
  • seamless business processes integration between multiple organizations

and their combinations, because real-world problems have more dimensions than a linear enumeration of abstract concepts.

Some of our clients

Some of our clients are: Raiffeisen Aval, UniCredit Bank, Delta Bank, UkrSibBank / BNP Paribas, Ukrainian Processing Center, ...